QUESTION: How can I correctly petition with the USPTO my right to be a named co-inventor on a patent that just issued?
I have been the co-inventor of dozens of patents related to ceiling storage devices. I am the founder of HyLoft and we had some 20+ patents; utility and design issued over a 8 year period. Mr. Mattson and I live in Las Vegas. I heard he was working on a new type of ceiling storage device specfically to house or store plastic totes. We worked together for about 8 months on the embodiment and claims of the device. I took my daughter to her first semester at George Fox in Oregon and got really ill with a kidney stone. While I was waiting for surgery for that kidney stone, Mr. Mattson filed the patent application without adding me as a co-inventor. I filed a Patent Protest and followed the process thereof. The patent issued on Dec 11 2018 without me listed as a co-inventor. I have two inches of documentation supporting my rights as a co-inventor and specific claims associated with the patent.

ANSWER: You can file a lawsuit in federal court to correct the list of inventors.