Using an Abandoned Trademark



Question: I’m interested in getting a license or in this case renewing one to a abandoned trademark character. This character is not mine, but I did a trademark and copyright search and all the searches say it’s abandoned. some instances where I search the name as it was originally spelled it doesn’t even show up in the trademark and copyright search database. Such as when searching the first original film the character was in. Supposedly the movies to the character are now all public domain. I’m trying to figure out if this is true does that mean the character is and the Liecense can be used or renewed somehow.

Answer: If the trademark is legally abandoned, you do not need a license to use it.

However, whether a trademark has been abandoned is not an easy question to answer. Abandonment means that the owner has no intent to resume use of the trademark.

Even if a trademark registration or application has been abandoned, that does not mean that its use has been abandoned.

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