Domain Name v. Company Name


Question: Looking into purchasing a domain name called for example: but there is a company in Boston called Boston Acura Parts which is registered as a corporation in Massachusetts, they have a different domain name however. They do not have there company name trademarked or service marked, nor are they allowed to I believe because its just a phrase and cannot trademark that. My company name is not Boston Acura Parts but for example Lifestyle Acura Parts. Both of us sell the same products and I want the domain name because its a heavily search phrase in google.
From research been doing it sounds like it could be ok but cannot find clear answer and just wanted to cover bases first before purchase domain. Does this all sound legit?

Answer: Whether you can legally use a domain name and whether you can legally use a trademark are separate questions. In other words, a domain name may not necessarily be a trademark. If it is not a trademark, there cannot be trademark infringement. Therefore, it could be possible to use a domain name without infringing another’s trademark.

Your research may have indicated that merely descriptive terms cannot be trademarked, and that Boston Acura Parts might fall in that category.

However, whether you can legally use Acura in your name might be something you should further investigate.

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