Question: How do I legally register a game studio?

I’m 17 years old living in the USA and wondering how to make my small game studio officially “registered” so that nobody can steal the name or sue me personally. Apparently registering as a limited liability partnership (LLP) would make me not personally liable for anything. I probably will wait a few months until I am 18, but it this something I should consider? The studio is just me and someone else, but we will probably pick up a few other developers in the next two years.

We currently have our studio up on a website. The site domain is registered with a “.net” extension because the “.com” has already been registered. We contacted the owner and he claimed he was going to put something up eventually. Is it ok to have the same name as him?


Answer: Stealing your name and suing you personally should be separately addressed.

You can prevent others from stealing your name by registering your name as a trademark. A domain name is not necessarily a trademark, but can be. Distinguishing your company from another by the use of .net may not be enough to avoid trademark infringement, especially if the domain names are the same.

Avoiding personally liability can be addressed by operating as a corporation or LLC.