Questions: Publicly disclosing patent application title


Once a patent application is filed, is it OK to disclose title and authors publicly, e.g. for use on resumes and social networks? Or is this info confidential until it is published? The question is related to applications (provisional and nonprovisional) filed recently that do not show up on searches on the USPTO website.
Answer: I’m not sure what concerns you have in mind when you ask if it is “OK”.


Provisional patent applications are not published and therefore remain confidential. Non-provisional patent applications will publish in 18 months unless you request that it not be published. Therefore, they can remain confidential for 18 months.


There could be many reasons why someone would not want even the name of the inventor or name of the patent application to become public. However, the substance of the application (not merely the title) is probably what most applicants are concerned about maintaining confidential.