Questions: Will any Patent Attorney review my self-made Provisional Application (For a reasonable fee of course) and can I attach pics?


Hello, I am constructing my own Provisional Application is any Attorney available to look over it? Also under the section: “Brief Description of the Drawings” can I place photos taken from my camera or does it have to be black & white hand drawn? Thank You


Answer: You may be able to find such a patent attorney. But here is what many patent attorneys would be concerned about – what is the scope of review you want?


The scope of review could just be to ensure that the patent office will accept your application for filing. At the other end of the spectrum, the scope of review could be to ensure that your application meets the statutory requirement of enablement. If this is the case, then the attorney may want to start back from the beginning as if he/she is drafting the application.


Adding your photos to the provisional is fine.